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We Manufacture and Export the high merit of different Wood Cutting Tools like Circular Saw Blade, Hand Saw Blades, Chain Saw and many more. You cannot ignore the name Sanjeev Kumar and Brothers, when searching for the peak Circular Saw Blade manufacturers and exporters. The galaxy of our Wood Cutting Tools contains high ranked products, that have been classified on the basis of their sizes and other specifications as well.
Pit Saw Blade
Ganesh Pit Saw Blades are made out from Best processed Hardened & Tempered Steel. These are available in Bright and Grey finish. Sizes ranges from 16 swg to 14 swg in thickness and 5 to 8 feet in length.
Pit Saw Blades which are exported to various countries are generally used in African Continent, South-east Asian Countries like Mayanmar, Bangladesh, Sri-Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan, etc. Pit Saw Blades are also routed through many other countries for the consumption in these countries only.

Every country/area has its own specifications for Pit Saw Blades they vary in colour, thickness, length and also widths. A general table is being provided below for your reference of the sizes that we manufacture but the sizes will again vary to some extent so please contact personally for actual sizes that are manufactured for these countries.
PIT SAW BLADE is so-named because it is typically operated over a saw pit, either at ground level or on trestles across which logs that are to be cut into boards by the pit-saw were mounted. The pit saw is a strong steel cutting-plate, of great breadth, with large teeth, highly polished and thoroughly wrought, some five, eight or even up to ten feet in length.
5.0 feet 14swg / 16swg Bright / Grey / Blue
5.5 feet 14swg / 16swg Bright / Grey / Blue
6.0 feet 14swg / 16swg Bright / Grey / Blue
6.5 feet 14swg / 16swg Bright / Grey / Blue
7.0 feet 14swg / 16swg Bright / Grey / Blue
8.0 feet 14swg / `6swg Bright / Grey / Blue