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We are manufacturer, supplier & exporter of PREMIUM STAIN-LESS STEEL furniture hinges in India. Our stainless steel premium furniture hinges comes in various variety and sizes. All our furniture hinges are manufactured with stringent quality checks so that our customers get best quality Stainless Steel hinges for their valuable furniture.

We are manufacturing the following type of Stainless Steel Hinges:

Stainless Steel Butt Hinges
Butt hinges are the most common type of hinge. It is a hinge with two rectangular s.s. Plates with screw holes joined by either pin or rod. Butt hinges are used for mounting ordinary doors.

Sizes Available:
Stainless Steel Premium Hinges
A step forward from butt hinges and we get premium stainless steel hinges. These hinges are available in super fine matt finish with fine gel inserted be-tween the two s.s. Plates to give it a smooth open and close movement. A popular option for premium segment furniture to give it a beautiful look.

Sizes Available:
Stainless Steel Premium Hinges With Sealed Cap
Premium hinges with sealed cap is another step towards the classy look for the furni-ture as it provides a single piece look to the hinge, secondly sealed cap on the hinge ensures that no dust obstructs the smooth functioning of the hinge which add on to the life of the same.
Stainless Steel Premium Hinges Are Available In Two Finish

Sizes Available: