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Metal Cutting Saw Blades

The Metal Cutting Tools offered by us are manufactured with the highest quality standards. With the help of the wide domain of best quality Metal Cutting Tools, we are well recognized among the high ranked Metal Cutting Circular Blade Manufacturers of the industry. Our position in the industry is well proven by the immense popularity of all of our Metal Cutting Tools including the Metal Cutting Saws.
Metal Cutting TCT Blades

Its been 16 long years when in 1995 we started manufacturing circular saw blades and company was completely focusing on the Non-Tipped segment of the circular saw blades so that customers can get a value for money blades which can give good cuts on their products. But with changing time we have to move forward and with that we have added the TIPPED SEGMENT OF THE CIRCULAR SAW BLADES in our range of Wood, Metal and Stone cutting saws.

Currently we are providing 10" and 12" Aluminium Cutting Saw Blades, however these blades can be further used to cut soft metals and hollow pipes.
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